Netanyahu’s Holy Chuck Moment

Old and busted: Donald Trump endorsing Binyamin Netanyahu for Israeli Prime Minister

New hotness: Chick Norris endorsing Binyamin Netanyahu for Israeli Prime Minister!


Update: I couldn’t resist.

bibi chuck

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18 January 2013 at 3:01pm
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  • Andreas Moser

    I would NOT want to be endorsed by Chuck Norris:

    • Honorary

      I don’t think that Chuck Norris will support or vote for you either. He is a thoughtful, committed citizen, and a patriotic person who respect our Constitution. And he will vote for the qualify candidate not a clown. Don’t worry he will never even know that you are existed.

  • Jim from Iowa

    Chuck Norris is so old now that the poster should show Chuck Norris using a walker with the caption: “Walker, Texas Ranger for Bibi.” Do political endorsements from American celebrities (and has-beens at that) really work in Israel? Seems kind of corny to me.

    • juvanya


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