Snowballs, No Balls

Here’s an update regarding the unprovoked attack on a haredi duo during #shelegeddon.

Nine Palestinians arrested for pummeling ultra-Orthodox with snowballs.

The suspects allegedly hurled insults and snowballs relentlessly at the two ultra-Orthodox men; investigation opened despite victims’ refusal to lodge complaint.

The Jerusalem District Police on Sunday arrested six Palestinian youth suspected of pummeling two ultra-Orthodox men with snowballs during the heavy storm a week-and-half ago. Three other Palestinians were arrested over the incident last week.

The Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court extended the six suspects’ house arrest, after extending the remands of the other three by four days over the weekend. The Jerusalem Police say these nine are the only suspects in the incident.

The group allegedly attacked the ultra-Orthodox men near the Nablus Gate leading to the Old City of Jerusalem. The suspects allegedly cursed at the two and hurled snowballs at them relentlessly, forcing the two to flee for safety.

Leave it to the disgraced BBC Middle East Bureau Chief Paul Danahar to abuse this situation, and sway attention away from the case in hand.

pdanaharReally Paul? Did you see Haredi youths kick, punch, grab, shove and heckle Arab youths? Did you hear any Jew shout “Elokim is great” at Muslims? Did you see any snow-Hellfire, or snow-Merkava built in a holy place by Jews?

Stay the pathetic, sad excuse for a journalist that you are.

h/t @CiFWatch

Update: The retraction:


I want to remind you that he blocked me from following his account after I asked if he only retweets Haaretz articles. I’m glad to know that he bothers to check the whole story only after he tweets it, and rightfully gets outed for the vile man he is.

But did Haaretz really underplayed this story? well, no. Danahar just underplays his incompetence.

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  • Jim from Iowa

    Did Mr. Danahar even see the video? This was not just innocent fun or a harmless prank. This attack was hate-filled and violent and should be prosecuted. But why on earth would the victims not file a complaint with Israeli authorities? I have to wonder if they are going to fully cooperate in prosecuting these thugs.

    • Judge Dan

      The two belong to one of the more reclusive orthodox sects, that in general dissociates itself from the state, including not partaking in general elections.

      • tom

        This is only partially right.
        The stated that they don’t feel the police will do anything when Jews file complaints against muslim citizens. They simply didn’t see the point in filing a complaint.
        Calling them a “sect” is also just pulled out of … How can you say that? Do you even know where they are from? (Jewish orientation)

  • E Pluribus Beagle

    If that’s his claim where is his evidence?

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