Above and Beyond: The Birth of the Israeli Air Force

Here is a sample reel for the forthcoming documentary feature “Above and Beyond: The Birth of the Israeli Air Force” by Playmount Productions.

If prompted for a password, it is iaf.

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  • Norman B.

    I have read about this before and it’s always a thrilling story. In 1948, the Czechs sold Israel the military hardware needed to win, and now they are among Israel’s best customers in buying defense products.

  • Jim from Iowa

    I love this story. It’s good to remember such things when we consider the historic relationship between Israel and America and how important it is that this special friendship endures.

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  • Charles Nielsen

    Password Where ??

    • Jim from Iowa

      Charles Nielson, really!

  • Peggy

    I am a Presbyterian Minister and embarrassed to say that I am not familiar with this story. It gives me hope that my country can and will again stand with our brothers and sisters in Israel.

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