Israel Exercising Democracy Is The Perfect Time For BBC Hounds To Bash It

The BBC has set up a twitter list with all it’s correspondents in Israel tweeting about the Israeli elections. You can see where this is going, when Jon Donnison, Paul Danahar and Wyre Davies are on it.

Here are some of their impartial, balanced and fair reporting:


Danahar Isr Elections

Obviously, not one word on Israel’s peace partner Mahmoud Abbas’ latest interview, where he lies about Israel agreeing to let the PA take 150,000 Palestinian refugees from Syria. Also in that interview, his paranoia about Israel wanting to assassinate him, and him urging people to prove his dissertation – of the ties between the Zionist movement and the Nazi party – wrong.

Also on their agenda today is some geography, insisting on the term “West” Jerusalem, when even “East” Jerusalem residents who have an Israeli ID can vote. Did someone say delegitimization?


Donnison Israel Eclections

I’m sure there will be more shenanigans later on today, stay tuned.

Update 1: Here we go, Jon Donnison pulling a JonDonnison in his latest report, ending with:

… and as Israel goes to the polls, that does not bode well for those hoping for peace in the middle east any time soon.


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Israel Exercising Democracy Is The Perfect Time For BBC Houn… « Samlade saker
22 January 2013 at 3:01pm
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  • Norman B.

    Britain is a lost cause, with portions of its major cities unofficially under Sharia zones. Since neither the Tories nor the Labourites are inclined to take back their country, I am ready to write it off and hope their Jews seriously consider aliya.

  • Jim from Iowa

    I do wonder why the BBC is providing much more coverage of the Israeli elections than any American broadcast or cable news network. We’re still in the afterglow/withdrawal of Inauguration Day and not paying so much attention to foreign elections (as is our nature as Americans), but why is the BBC so interested?

    • Norman B.

      The BBC people have their pathological obsessions.

  • gringojay

    BBC can’t help being nostalgic for the good old days of the Mandate.

  • A F

    I think it is simply a matter of “they just don’t get it”.

    They think that the prospects for peace are dependent on electing left wing over right wing and despair when the Israeli electorate doesn’t agree. The reality is that peace will not happen no matter who the next government is simply because there are too many Palestinians who still view Israel as something to be dismantled instead of accepting it as a Jewish state.

  • Dan

    WOW!!! When Hamas was “democratically” elected in Gaza, nobody said anything like “well, there goes the peace process!”

    They should have. Hamas was WAY worse for the “two state solution” than a right-leaning Israeli government. And by the way, the REASON there’s a right-leaning Israeli government is BECAUSE of Hamas. Israelis know there is no chance of negotiations with Hamas in power, and now with the PA and Hamas “reconciled”. That point is so, so clear. The fact that the media doesn’t discuss it speaks volumes.

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