Oh The Irony!


arab voteA senior Arab League official has called on Arabs living in the “apartheid” state of Israel…to vote!

A senior Arab League official has called on Israel’s Arab minority to go out and vote in the Jewish state’s parliamentary election, arguing that doing so will foil “racist” plans to force them to leave their homes.

Mohammed Sobeih, who is the pan-Arab organization’s assistant secretary general, claims that Tuesday’s election will be dominated by the extremist right that he says speaks openly of forcing Arab Israelis to pack up and leave.

His call is unusual for the Cairo-based league, which rarely addresses itself to Arab citizens of Israel. Himself a Palestinian, Sobeih said his Monday call was motivated by fears that underrepresentation of Arabs — about 20 percent of the Israel’s population — would allow parliament to adopt “racist” legislation but still look democratic to the world.

Do you think they ever stop and contemplate how idiotic they sound?

Meanwhile, Ha’aretz reports as of 7:15PM, voter turnout had picked up in the Arab communities, with 44% having voted in Nazareth.

Update: In other bizarro news, Ismail Haniyeh, the head of terror organization Hamas, has said the Israeli elections will lead to a more extreme government!

Update: More tales from the apartheid state.

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