Israeli Parking Masterclass – BMW Edition

It takes a special kind of arrogant to decide a spot more suitable for a Smart car will accept your BMW 7 Series.

Just right for Israeli BMW Driver!



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  • Dan S.

    I’ll take the Beemer over the StupidCar anytime. In fact, I’ve done just that; I own two of ‘em.

    I once saw a SmartCar with a huge key rotating in the rear hatch. If I needed something small and manueverable but not very safe, I’d ride a Harley; at least they’re fun and carry lots more street cred.

  • Jim from Iowa

    Every time I see a Beemer parked illegally or not, I just want to key the sucker. But, of course, I don’t carry out this thought. Only a spineless antisocial loser would do such a thing. But I think about it. And then I think why is Yair Lapid being offered a chocolate pudding commercial and not Aussie Dave? Life is not fair.

  • Dan S.

    Try that with my Beemer, Jimbo, and see just what happens.

    • Jim from Iowa

      How about I would see the violence inherent in the capitalist system? Go ahead and enjoy your opulent and ostentatious vehicle; see if I care. I may not key it, but there’re always seagulls.

  • Dan S.

    What a goddamned commie hypocrite you are, douchebag. You’re the one who wants to key my car, and then you claim that I’m violent because I would defend my property, which by the way I worked hard for?

    Any time you wanna dance, girlie-man, I’m in New Jersey. Look me up.

    • Jim from Iowa

      Lighten up, Francis. I was just having some fun. No one I know actually would key your God Damned Beemer, which, upon reflection, tend to be driven by real girlie men who fixate on their undersize units if the truth be told. Have a nice day, Dan.

  • Carlos

    Property is theft

    • Morris Katz

      What happens in Havana stays in Havana, Comrade.

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