So What Did Jews Do After That Cartoon?

Credit: Sunday Times

Credit: Sunday Times

I have a new piece up on the Times of Israel about the notorious Gerald Scarfe cartoon published by the Sunday Times this weekend.

I detail the orgy of violence and mayhem caused by Jews and Israelis all around the world following it’s revolting publication.

OK, not really. But there were some very strongly worded tweets.

Portraying a hook nosed Bibi Netanyahu as building a wall against peace, cemented with the blood and dying bodies of Arabs was, perhaps, mildly offensive even if you voted for the other guy or gal last week. It was so awful that even Ha’aretz was forced to defend the artist.

The fact that Sunday was also the international Holocaust Memorial Day was, as Hilary Clinton might say “almost too delicious to believe my friends“.

Personally I was so incensed I decided to take my framed original sketch and animation cell by Scarfe from the film The Wall down from my office wall (it creeps my wife out which is why it wasn’t at home). I also wrote some things on Twitter and Facebook (this is far more productive than therapy and cheaper). I even personally tweeted to Rupert Murdoch.

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  • Travis

    That image of Netanyahu actually looks more like Ariel Sharon. By the way Rupert Murdoch who owns the Sunday Times denounced the cartoon.

  • E Pluribus Beagle

    But that’s the issue, isn’t? Send 10,000 people into the streets bust some heads burn down a random store or two. It’s the only thing Brownshirts understand or respect. There is literally no reason why we shouldn’t have an angry mob throwing rocks at the newspaper offices and the cartoonists home. When Muslims do it it’s part of their wonderful quaint and ancient culture we are instructed to respect and adore. Fair enough. Burn every car in the newspaper’s parking lot.

    • Jim from Iowa

      “Burn every car in the newpaper’s parking lot.”

      Especially if they’re Beemers.

      • RightSaidFred

        Jim, do you ever tire of being so depressingly unfunny? Nobody likes a try hard.

        • Jim from Iowa

          Sorry. But the subject matter is not ripe for comedy. I’ll try harder.

          • jpl

            In defense of Jim, you don’t have to bat 1.000 (100%) to be a baseball star.

      • E Pluribus Beagle

        I was reading today how the Quandt family – BMW’s largest shareholders and each a billionaire in their own right are in fact the descendents of Goebbel’s step children.

    • Norman B.

      I fully agree. If Jews are going to live in fear, Scarfe should live in fear.

  • Inessa

    Thank G-d Rupert Murdoch isn’t Jewish. You know, since we “own” the media. Oh, and I’m also waiting to see somewhere that the cartoon is part of a Zionist plot. We just love attention.

  • RightSaidFred

    An excellent cartoon. All cartoons, articles, social and non social media highlighting the tyranny of the Jews is always welcome.

    • Travis

      If they are so tyrannical how come they have not taken you out yet?

      • RightSaidFred

        Why would they take me out? Your comment doesn’t make much sense, Tranny.

        • Travis

          Tomorrow which will be Hitler’s 80th anniversary of his accession to power is probably a day you will try to take off from work (if you even have a job).

          • Travis

            Are you a parrot who says “Tyranny” every three seconds. Go back Ronulan troll to Stormfront.

    • Inessa


    • jpl

      How can you read this site and cry “tyranny”? Examples found here but often few other places show that Arabs are treated better in Israel than in the neighboring countries.

    • Judokajudaica

      I’m intrigued. Are your views your own or those of British Skye Broadcasting whom you represent. I quote your site to whom I am sent when clicking on your name:

      1. WHO WE ARE

      Football365 is a brand name of Rivals Digital Media Ltd (Registration No. 04284373), a subsidiary of 365 Media Group Ltd (Registration No. 04134501), which is an indirect subsidiary of British Sky Broadcasting Group plc (Registration No. 2247735). All of these companies are incorporated in England and Wales and share the same registered office at Grant Way, Isleworth, Middlesex TW7 5QD.

      Is it just you who are antisemitic or the Media groups to whom you are directly connected and with whom you are affiliated?

  • walt kovacs

    the artist has apologized for the timing…but not the toon itself

    political cartoons are only good when they reflect truth

    not a single arab died while the wall was being built…and as it has contributed to the reduction of terror attacks, one could say that it has saved arab lives

    • Jim from Iowa

      I couldn’t agree more, Walt. I’ve got big problems with Bibi’s West Bank policies, but to use the separation fence as the focus of the criticism is way off base.

  • Shirl in Oz

    Hey you guys, you have it all wrong!!

    As good Jews you should do what did. I felt it was my right to go on a killing spree.!!

    I personally targeted and killed a good number of cartoonists, burned a few newspaper offices and art studios.

    It really was great fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No Teddy Bears were involved either.

  • Cinder0

    No we didn’t DO ANYTHING! We just got angry but mark my words if it was a cartoon of muhummed extremist Muslims would go on a killing spree but not all Muslims are bad!

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