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When You Just Can’t Stop Digging A Hole

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David Ward MP with a Swastika from his own website - Guido Fawkes Blog

David Ward MP with a Swastika from his own website – Guido Fawkes Blog

You may remember the UK Liberal MP, David Ward, who picked Holocaust Memorial day to lash out at “the Jews” who he believes are becoming the new Nazis and lining up to march all the Arabs into gas chambers one day.

Well he’s given an interview to the Guardian and he just doesn’t know when to stop. The Guardian does it’s best to clean up the views of this accidental Jew hater but he can’t help himself. Once again comparing the treatment of Jews by the Nazis to the treatment of Palestinians by Israel he says:

What was comparable was the treatment of people by people. Because, don’t forget, long before the death camps were set up, the treatment of the Jews in many of these European countries, and of course following 1933, in particular in Nazi Germany, was racist, and directed at the Jewish people. [It was] very low-level or what was regarded as low-level cases of nastiness and harassment to begin with, and then escalated.

Clearly he knows absolutely nothing about the rise of the Nazis. He knows nothing about the way Jews were drummed out of every aspect of public life, how their businesses were collapsed or taken, how they were thrown out of all forms of government and education, out of the courts out of every profession.

And how exactly does that compare to Israel with our Arab members of Parliament, our Arab judges (passing sentence over our President if need be), our Arab doctors and nurses and teachers and every other profession? Even our Arabs serving in the very IDF he accuses of carrying out this proto-genocide.

What a Douchebag. If he knows nothing of these things, yet pretends to speak knowledgeably, I can only conclude he hates Jews too much to bother to become educated.



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