David Ward MP Lets Just Block The Jew


I’ve written a couple of posts about the Right Honourable David Ward MP from the UK. Well he obviously doesn’t like it because he’s blocked me on twitter which, I find, is the usual response of “liberals” when their deeply offensive views are challenged with actual facts.

After all his crocodile apologies, it’s clear the guy now hates us Jews even more. He’s trying to find some way to express his anger, frustration and, yes, antisemitic Jew hatred and he’s fallen back on the safe favourite of BDS. You know what we think about BDS here at Israellycool. Until they start BDS’ing real abusers of human rights or at least paying some attention to them, their targeting of Israel alone renders their entire moral fabric as suspect.

So – question is – how do we seriously raise issue of boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel? Are these words acceptable to all?

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