Frankly Silverstein Doesn’t Give A Damn


Believe it or not, I’ve received some complaints that I’ve laid off anti-Israel blogger Richard Silverstein lately. I say believe it or not, because I used to receive complaints I spent way too much time on his drivel.

The truth is I generally have had less time to blog due to my personal circumstances, so my Silverstein posts are but one casualty of the situation.

But not to worry. As long as he continues to publish lies, half-truths and general garbage about Israel, I’ll take him to task. Despite his constant libels against me.

The latest example is a post where he invokes the memory of Anne Frank and other victims of the Holocaust to criticize Israel.

Anne Frank: Dear Diary


Of course, not only is Silverstein not bothered he has offended many, but he’s actually glad. After all, it’s one of the way he gets attention (besides spreading lies).

Meanwhile, I had to laugh at this tweet of his, which was generated automatically from his blog post. It was clearly stopped mid-sentence because of the character limit, but still makes sense.

He certainly does seem to get his jollies by demonizing Israel.

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