Censored SNL Skit Does the Anti-Israel Thing

The following SNL skit of the Chuck Hagel confirmation hearings was never aired, and you’ll see why.

I am not sure what I’m more insulted by: how anti-Israel it is, or how unfunny

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  • Lloyd S.

    Actually Dave, I didn’t see much in here that was anti-Israel, except perhaps by negative implication. In an American context, this comes off as much more anti-Republican than anti-Israel. It certainly plays into the antisemites’ stereotype that Jews have too much power in Washington. But I have to say that watching Hagel’s attitude towards Israel become such a big element of the national confirmation discourse made me uncomfortable. As much as I want our high elected and appointed officials to be supportive of Israel, when all is said and done, their job is to protect and advance the interests of the US. In any case, knowing how SNL works, I suspect this is an exagerration of what was actually on C-Span. And as SNL is wont to do, it ended with the utterly tasteless. Not having been one of the 3 Americans that watched this on C-Span I can’t be sure how far things went in the actual hearings although they never, ever got anywhere near the degree of grossness reached by SNL on this one.

  • E Pluribus Beagle

    Try watching season 5 of “Spooks” or “MI-5″ as it’s called in the US. Practically every episode as Arab terrorists are murdering their way through London and blowing stuff up the ‘real’ villains are “Mossad” “The Israelis” and Jews in general. One episode went so far as to have Israel concoct a mass murder spree of Saudi diplomats because they didn’t like a proposal to build a nuclear power plant in Saudi Arabia. Another episode had some Christian Fundamentalist Bishops in the UK encouraging murder of notable Muslim hate preachers, only to be assassinated by….you guessed it, the Jews.

  • Inessa

    Sorry – definitely anti-Israel. It makes fun of Republicans by exaggerating their pro-Israel stance. The implication is that Hagel is being quite reasonable, but they are taking him apart for not being rabidly pro-Israel. The other implication is that the silly, fuddy duddy, narrow minded Republicans are attacking him, and those are the only people who support Israel.

  • Carlos

    SNL hasn’t been funny since 1979

  • Benjamin Freedman

    This is a major wake up for our AIPAC friends when Lorne Michaels explores a skit like this. Americans have had enough with your nonsense.

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