Australian Foreign Minister Rips Silverstein a New One (Updated)

In the wake of the “Prisoner X” story, anti-Israel blogger Richard Silverstein has gone after Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr (who he initially referred to as the former Australian Foreign Minister).

Only to be bitch-slapped for his lack of reliability by the Australian Foreign Minister himself!

To to the che.

Update: It seems the Twitter account is not of the real Bob Carr, which seems to be this one.

Ahh well. It’s not as embarrassing a mistake as, say, posting that Prisoner X was an Iranian general.

Update: More comedy gold! The doucheblogger himself thinks it’s the real Bob Carr..

Only to backtrack once he finds out it is a fake account.

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  • tom

    It’s interesting to see over and over again how he gets “check mate” (get it? check, MATE) and still believes his own lies…no matter how strong the real facts are, he keeps on going on about how he’s the best, his sources the best, etc. (even though he never names any)
    I guess if he repeats his own lies over and over and over again they become truth. Especially for him and all his Israel-hate-puppets commenting on his nonsense-blog.

    And one point for thought: Remember how his blog was “slandered” with an Israeli flag? If he was such a pro-Israel blogger, why did it bother him? Why was it an “extreme right wing” or whatever he called him who supposedly did that? With this he showed so clearly that he HATES Israel.

    Keep up the good work Dave and refua shlema to your wife.
    Be strong!

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