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ABC Australia’s 7:30 Report has covered the”Prisoner X” affair, and to whom do they turn?

None other than thoroughly unreliable, anti-Israel blogger Richard Silverstein, whose main contribution to this story has been publishing an entirely false and laughable story regarding prisoner X’s identity, and then pointing the finger at others for his mistake once the truth came out.

What is noteworthy in this report – besides Silverstein’s wild hand gesticulations and infamous sweater– is how the program labels him an “author”, as if he is some well published expert on the topic.

Then again, the reference to the “infamous” Mossad and  senior Hamas “official” Mahmoud al-Mabhouh (rather than “terrorist” or even “militant”) should give us an idea where the 7:30 report stands.

In this context, calling on Silverstein makes perfect sense.

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