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Richard Silverstein’s Unfortunate Foray Into Video

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Anti-Israel blogger Richard Silverstein recently joined some site called Israel Social TV, which provide a platform for him to spread his bile in video form.

His latest video deals with sexual abuse allegations against Israeli MK Gideon Saar. But I’m posting it for it’s unfortunateness, for want of a better (or even actual) word.

Sure, there’s Silverstein’s obvious hand in choosing the color of the wall in the background as well as the most awkward ending to the video (after mispronouncing the name of his own blog), but the most unfortunate aspect of the video is his talking about Saar having “allegedly had sex with an underage girl in a Tel Aviv nightclub” just as his eavesdropping son walks right near him (1:45). Although judging by Silverstein’s facial expression at 2:18, it would seem he catches on.

I’d suggest Silverstein sticks to blog posts, but he’s not exactly – to quote Charlie Sheen – winning there either.

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