Guest Post: I’ve Decided To Support Israel

Just kidding. It’s Purim and I can’t believe you fell for that (I would never fall for such Purim hoaxes)

As if I’d ever support the racist, colonialist, apartheid, aggressive occupation state.


Happy Purim to my hordes of readers and viewers.

Aussie Dave adds: I’ve added in the links to the post.

About Dickie Sliverstein

A resident of Seattle, Dickie Sliverstein spends all day writing on his Chicken Olam website while his wife works to pay the bills. He considers himself to be an expert on Israel..which he is not.

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  • Jim from Iowa

    And to think Queen Esther stuck her neck out for likes of you, Dickie Silverstein. Stick a bowl of hamentash (sp?) where the sun don’t shine.

    • Faramarz Fathi

      Jim from Iowa:

      Coming from you Dickie considers it a compliment.

      Faramarz Fathi

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