Nasrallah, Sick Shiite

If this next report is to be believed, Chief Hizbully Hassan Nasrallah is in deep shiite.

nasrallahThe Turkish Anatolia News Agency reported Tuesday that Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah became ill a few days ago, was admitted to a private hospital in Beirut and later flown to Tehran, this after a number of Lebanese news outlets reported over the past 24 hours that Nasrallah was diagnosed with cancer and is being treated in Iran. The reports have not been confirmed.

The Turkish news agency quoted “knowledgeable sources affiliated with Hezbollah” as saying that Nasrallah was flown to Iran after being released from a hospital in south Beirut. His flight left from the Rafik Hariri International Airport in Beirut, they said.

The sources said the leader of the Lebanese terror group was in stable condition and that he remains hospitalized in Iran.

Hezbollah has yet to confirm or deny the reports.

Lebanon’s Sawt Beirut International radio station, which is affiliated with political groups opposed to Hezbollah, quoted sources who are “close” to Hezbollah as saying Monday that Nasrallah was recently diagnosed with cancer and that his condition was deteriorating. According to the report, Nasrallah, 52, traveled to Tehran on a private plane sent by the Iranian presidency.

A Jordanian news website reported Monday that Nasrallah may have been injured during the shelling of Hezbollah positions this week by the Free Syrian Army.

The good news for Nasrallah is Iran has made it its mission to deal with cancer. Plus it could provide a nice icebreaker for when he meets with Hugo Chavez.

Here’s hoping that meeting takes place in hell. Real soon.

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  • David

    Perhaps he has a case of the Zionist cancer?

    *Yeah, bad pun*

  • spondres

    The effects of the Zionist Death Ray, I trust?

  • Jewess

    I can just see the Guardian and 972mag blaming the Jews for this.

  • mrzee

    I’m sure the Israeli government would be glad to treat him. They can even give him a private room where he can be monitored 24/7 (except in the lavatory)

  • spindok

    Going to Iran for medical treatment is like visiting Iceland for a beach vacation. It is even more ironic that the best place to go is right next door in Israel.

    Blind hatred of Israel and Jews is the self induced cancer of the Arab world. Today it was also announced that the #2 Hezbolla commander was killed by the FSA in Syria. Hezbolla is not doing so hot in Syria it looks like. That is because they have poured all of their resources into fighting Israel inside southern Lebanon. They never thought about anything else and are looking rather clueless these days.

    • MohammedTheTeddyBear

      “They never thought about anything else and are looking rather clueless these days.”

      I think the steady burning off of equipment, personnel, and money on the part of the Persian/Hezbollah coalition in propping up The Chinless Dictator in Syria, not to mention the psychological/emotional toll on same, is doing wonders for peace in the region……

  • E Pluribus Beagle

    Wait for George Hitler Galloway to demand a national day of mourning when Nasrallah croaks.

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