Mahmoud Abbas Has Another Precondition For Resumption Of Peace Talks


Abbas now says that Israel has to release prisoners in order for talks to resume:

President Mahmoud Abbas said Tuesday that the issue of prisoners and releasing them is the central issue of the Palestinian people and its leadership. He insisted there would not be peace with Israel side without releasing prisoners. Abbas’ remarks came at a reception with prisoners advocates at his residence in Ramallah, where he affirmed that the leadership was doing its best to save the lives of hunger strikers and end their suffering. He said talks were ongoing with all factions to resolve the issue. Abbas called on the Israeli side to implement agreements related to prisoners, especially those who were detained before Oslo, and agreements with the former prime minister of Israel. Abbas also condemned the death of Arafat Jaradat in Israeli custody and called for an international investigation.

Haaretz Hebrew adds that PA representatives demanded the Obama administration includes the Palestinian prisoners in any new format for the resumptions of negotiations, and that Israel has to release prisoners as a gesture of goodwill leading to Obama’s visit to the region. These demands were presented to John Kerry, as well as other high ranking officials.

This adds to their precondition of an Israeli building freeze.

Meanwhile, Israel has no preconditions whatsoever from the PA.

I recommend that Israel releases only Hamas terrorists, and to Ramallah. It’s about time Abbas learned to fly.

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