George Galloway Calls For Arming Palestinians In Gaza

One need not wonder against whom he would have them use these weapons.

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El antisemita de la Semana: George Galloway | PATRIA JUDÍA
09 March 2013 at 12:03pm
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  • spindok

    This is terrible. Now I have this mental image of him in that red catsuit with a black ski mask and an AK-47.

    Come to think of it he would fit right in in Gaza.

  • Norman B.

    The answer to Galloway’s rhetorical question is that if all Palestinians in Gaza were armed, they might turn against their own local masters over trivial grievances.

  • Jrmo

    does he actually do anything for the British? Was he elected to just talk about the middle east? when does he have time to actually do his job?

  • Judge Dan

    That’s a trick question, as Hamas my use weapons against each or all of the following:
    Global Jihad groups.
    UN Workers.
    European useful idiots.
    Ordinary Gazans.
    Egyptian Soldiers.
    Israeli Arabs.
    Thai workers.

    And, you know it’s coming:
    Jewish ones, Christian ones, Muslim ones.

  • walt kovacs

    i agree with georgie

    arab league should arm the fakestinians

    georgie should resign as an mp and join them as a general

    i will volunteer to join the idf

    and i will be the one to push the button that drops a one ton bomb on his jew hating pin head

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  • Starofdavidscotalnd

    Funny how Galloway only wins election in big Muslim cities. This Muslim convert who abandoned his Palestinian ex wife who’s been hauled up before the charities commission three times. Who bows to saddam Hussein and Assad and other such monsters. Funny that this misogynistic apologist for rape, this Jewhate racist, this I don’t debate with Jews er Israelis lol frickin lol, never ever says a peep about Muslim on Muslim genicide or Muslim on Christian mass slaughter

  • A F

    Lets all remember this tweet of his the next time he tries to defend his financial aid to Hamas in the past by saying it was “humanitarian aid”.

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