Rob Schneider, Hollywood Numbskull

Hollywood actor Rob Schneider is part-Jewish, friends with the pro-Israel Adam Sandlervisited Israel himself, and mocked terrorists in You Don’t Mess With The Zohan.

But that hasn’t stopped him from being decidedly anti-Israel.

Yesterday, I made the following comment regarding the name of the new Pope (mazal tov to my Catholic friends by the way!)

This brought me to having a look at Schneider’s Twitter feed, and I wish I hadn’t. Here are some of his “retweeting” exploits of the past months.



He’s also apparently a defender of evil tyrants.

I used to think Schneider was good at playing morons in his movies. Now I see he wasn’t acting at all.

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  • Sams

    Some people are born with it, others need Maybeline, but we can’t know one from the other.

  • Travis

    I always liked Rob Schneider but I guess you really never know these people. George Galloway is pure scum.

    • Aussie Dave

      I also liked him and thought he was dopey but harmless.

  • Travis

    Maybe Schneider will claim someone hacked his twitter feed.

    • A F

      No, someone was “making copies!!!” of it.

  • walt kovacs

    remember, retweeting does not always mean one agrees with the tweet, just that one wishes to bring attention to the tweeter

    could be positive or negative

    unless you can find rob making anti israel or jew hate tweets, because he is a native san franciscan, a huge sf giants fan and i was there when his career got started in sf, i will give him the benefit of the doubt. however, should he tweet something that proves his hate, i will personally dump beer on his head at a giants game.

    btw, rob is a perfect example of “its not how good you are, but how powerful your friends are”

    he had one of the worst stand up acts i had ever seen, and i never thought he would get out of sf. somehow he hooked up with sandler and landed the snl gig…the rest is history.

    • Travis

      If he had commented on the tweets as to how absurd they were, then perhaps but if he posts them with no comments on them it should be safe to assume he agrees with them.

  • Dan

    wow. there goes ANY sympathy I may have had for him (he had a very lame sitcom that was cancelled after only a few shows). The show was based on his life — he married a Mexican woman and had to deal with a lot of her family members. I wonder if they’re all Israel haters. Also, I wonder if his relationship with Sandler has soured, and that’s why he jumped on the anti-Israel bandwagon.

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