“Peace Activist” Assaults Pro-Israel Woman

Some anti-Israel BDSHoles conducted a sparsely attended rally in Oakland. After a pro-Israel woman showed up and wrote the “incendiary” message “The Nation of Israel lives” on the ground, one of these peace-loving leftists showed her some peace, love and understanding (hat tip: Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers).

Here is a graduation photo police mugshot of the perpetrator Gabrille Silverman, from last year.



And here’s what she was up to back then:

On October 6, 2012, at approximately 2:50 P.M., a group of approximately 100 persons who identified themselves as members of the criminal street gang, Black Blok gathered at Justin Herman Plaza. The group began an unpermitted march westbound on Market Street. Many in the group wore black clothing and masks covering their faces as they took to the streets disrupting the normal flow of traffic. Officers arrived in the area and were immediately struck by projectiles thrown by members of this group. One officer was struck in the head and sustained non-life threatening injuries. Police issued numerous warnings that the march was unpermitted and those participating were in violation of the law and subject to arrest. Several vehicles and businesses in the Financial District were also vandalized by this group as they marched through the streets.

Several of these persons then threw road flares and bags of paint at the officers. Some of these paint bags contained rocks, apparently intended to cause injury and damage to their targets. Several officers were struck with these “paint grenades” which covered the officers and their uniforms in paint. Due to the ongoing assaults against police officers and the threat to public safety, police moved swiftly to stop their progress and place them under arrest at California and Battery streets.

A portion of the group broke through the police line and ran to the area of Pine and Sansome streets where they were arrested by additional officers responding to the scene. San Francisco Police made approximately 20 arrests from both locations combined. The suspects were booked on one or more of the following charges: conspiracy, riot, refusing to obey a lawful order from a peace officer; resisting, delaying or obstructing a peace officer; and assault and battery on a peace officer.

A search of the arrested suspects’ backpacks revealed that many of them were armed with various weapons. The weapons included hammers, an ice pick, road flares, illegal fireworks, more bags of paint containing rocks and other weapons.

Of those arrested, eleven were male and nine were female. Their cities of residence include one from San Francisco, and others from Oakland, Concord, Martinez, Newark, Mount Shasta, La Verne, Long Beach and San Diego as well as several whose identities and cities of residences have yet to be verified.

Police believe that many of the persons in this group were also responsible for similar acts that occurred in the City’s Mission District on September 20th and 21st. During those events, numerous cars and businesses were damaged, residents threatened and at least one officer was struck in the head by a projectile, causing a non-life threatening injury.

Silverman – otherwise known as “millipede” – is a tree-sitter and ISMer. Here’s hoping this video can be used as a basis for filing assault charges against her.

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Facebook Comments

  • http://www.rjstreets.com Real Jstreets

    Such articulate friends, wish there a way to share this without the profanity, but then it would be a silent film.

  • Harvey

    She’s one ugly hostile .

  • E Pluribus Beagle

    After watching that I am genuinely astonished why her victim would not haul off and smash her face. I would.

    • Ronin

      According to one of the comments for this story on Elder’s blog, the woman had just finished her active duty stint with the IDF. So you can imagine she had a bit of training to deal with this sort of thing over there.

  • walt kovacs

    1. more evidence that the occupy movement is populated by terror loving, jew hating, leftist fanatics…the oct 6 incident was an occupy operation

    2. the gentleman’s message was much more incendiary and yet the big tough girl went after the other girl…how brave of her

    3. leftists believe in free speech…as long as it is theirs and you agree with them

    4. messages that speak to truth are a leftists kryptonite

    5. the pro israel people were smart not to retaliate

    6. i grew up in sf. it used to be a wonderful city. then the families all moved to the suburbs leaving the yuppies and the radicals…now it pretty much stinks

  • Travis

    She looks like the perfect vision of a San Francisco bay area resident.

  • Shirl in Oz

    Most unfortunately one of the ‘enemy within’

    • dcdoc

      The “enemy within” to whom you allude are shockingly numerous, prominent, and influential among the hate Israel crowd. They are as convinced of their righteousness as the Islamofascists, with whom they sometimes ally themselve, are of theirs, and just as unrighteousness in reality.

  • Dorith

    I had never heard about this Gaby person, and could not understand what was being spoken in the movie (hard of hearing I am).

    However, I looked up Tristan A. and learned he was severely wounded by an IDF tear gas canister. He is Gaby’s boyfriend.

    I do not agree with her behavior, not at all. But one can understand how furious she is because of Tristan’s situation.

    • Raychul

      So your theory, then is that Gabby saw Hebrew writing, flashed back to her boyfriends injury, and completely lost it? Then clearly no Jews nowhere are safe in this women’s presence, and she needs therapy.

    • Carlos

      And what exactly was Tristan doing when he supposedly got hit by a tear gas canister?

    • walt kovacs

      tristan is/was a member of the ism

      the ism is a terrorist org

      as usual, in the incident where he was injured, arabs were throwing rocks and molotov cocktails…he chose to place himself in a dangerous area

      i dont care that the idf/border patrol used gas canisters as weapons

      had i been in charge, i wouldve ordered to mow down every filthy terrorists…and that includes the foreigners

      and as gabrielle is a member if the ism, would love to know why she hasnt been picked up and sent to gitmo

  • Harry

    Gabrielle Silverman and Richard Silverstein.

    Not only are their family names similar, but their words and actions are similar.

    They are both intolerant and abusive to people who disagree with their extreme anti-Israel bias.

    • Benny

      They are both “dhim wits”.

      Dhim wit: A non-Muslim member of a free society who unwittingly abets the stated cause of Islamic domination. A dhimwit is always quick to extend sympathy to the very enemy that would take away his or her own freedom (or life) if given the opportunity.

      From dhimmi, an Islamic term that refers to a subjugated non-Muslim person living in a Muslim society. Second-class status is confirmed by the legal system and dhimmis do not share the rights of their Muslim rulers.

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