BDS Fail Of The Day

What is it about BDSholes and a lack of any discernible talent?

By the way, the Fifties called and demanded its glasses back.

Update: I knew they looked familiar.


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  • cba

    Man, that’s pathetic!

    Although I did have a good chuckle at “Pah-les-TEEN” (I wonder if he thinks that’s how Palestinians pronounce it?)

    • Aryeh

      “Palestinians” don’t pronounce it at all. Imaginary creatures don’t produce any sound.

      • sams

        If we are lucky Syria will be over soon, so the fun can reach Jordan and the “Palestinians” can return to their “State”.

        • cba

          I can’t say I’m looking forward to it… more violence on our borders is NOT good for Israel.

          • sams

            The 9 Millions Pal Ess Teen nians will have to somewhere now that every single Arab country around is becoming a hell hole, you rather have them banging on Israel doors or be too busy taking over Jordan to bother ?

            It won’t be easy and they will either attack Israel now or in the future, but Jordan is big enough to absorb most of them and keep them busy for some decades.

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