Where I Get Mentioned In The NY Times

..if only by implication

This past October, the popular resistance movement began to shift tactics, trying to break the routine of weekly demonstrations. They blocked a settler road west of Ramallah, and the following week staged a protest inside an Israeli-owned supermarket in the settlement industrial zone of Shaar Binyamin. Bassem was arrested outside the market — soldiers grabbed at Nariman and dragged Bassem off when he stepped forward to put his arms around her. Less than two weeks later, Waed was arrested at a Friday demonstration. Soldiers beat him, he said, “with their fists and their rifles.” When he appeared in court, Waed was still bruised. The judge threw out the charges. But while he was detained, he was in the same prison as his father and saw him briefly there. “When I said goodbye to him,” Waed told me with obvious pride, “he had tears in his eyes. I was stronger than him.”

On the day of Waed’s arrest, a camera caught Ahed shaking her fist, demanding that soldiers tell her where they were taking her brother. The Internet took over: video of the tiny, bare-armed blond girl facing down a soldier went viral. She and Nariman were invited to Istanbul, where, to their surprise, Nariman said, they were greeted at the airport by dozens of children wearing T-shirts printed with Ahed’s photo. They drove past billboards displaying Ahed’s image. Reporters followed them everywhere. Crowds gathered when they walked in the streets. They were taken to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the southeastern city of Urfa, Nariman said, and flew back with him to Istanbul on his plane.

Not everyone reacted so enthusiastically. One right-wing blogger dubbed Ahed “Shirley Temper.” The Israeli news site Ynet took the images as evidence that “Palestinian protesters use children to needle I.D.F. soldiers in the hope of provoking a violent response.”

Ahh yes, some of my best work.

Thanks to Elder of Ziyon for the heads up.

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  • Harry


    Your idea to call her “Shirley Temper” was inspired and spot-on — and deserved to be quoted.

    • http://www.rjstreets.com Sharon A

      Dave does have a way with finding the right words! But certainly they could have come up with something more respectful for him than “one right-wing blogger”!

      • Benny

        The nickname “Shirley Temper” helps point out that for the Arabs what is going on is little more than posturing and show business.

        Shirley Temper is not “brave” because she knows she is in no danger at all. She can fully rely on the wisdom and restraint of the soldiers.

        The Arab adults who abuse Shirley Temper by egging her on and filming it — they are contemptible.

  • Bubbe

    Cool Israelly.

  • Jim from Iowa

    Hey, NY Times. Would it kill you to mention Aussie Dave by name? It’s a lot easier to spell than “Ehrenreich” that’s for sure.

  • E Pluribus Beagle

    Per the NYT anyone who’s not kvelling about Hamas is ‘right wing’. Disgusting.

  • Brian Goldfarb

    Hmm. That’s probably better than being dubbed one of Nick Vohen’s “progressives”. You know, the ones who opposed the invasion of Iraq, despite the fact that Saddam was a fascist who murdered his own citizens. He wasn’t an American or from Western Europe, thus he had to be a good guy.

    So, even if it doesn’t match your politics, take the label as a badge of honour,Aussie Dave.

  • walt kovacs

    i would say kudos except for one thing

    i believe that dave should write the times and demand a retraction of the term “right wing”

    it is not a right or left thing to be pro israel and anti terrorist

    and i would suggest that many stances taken by this blog are far to the left

    • http://www.israellycool.com/ Aussie Dave

      I could not think of even one stance that is “far to the left”

      • Jim from Iowa

        As a genuine Lefty, I couldn’t agree more. You’re definitely right-wing to me, but lovable nonetheless.

        • http://www.israellycool.com/ Aussie Dave

          I am going to have to use that quote in the “What Others Say” section on the right sidebar.

          • Jewess

            Think it is interesting that they replaced Zionist with right wing as though the two were synonymous.

            • walt kovacs

              i am a liberal and i am pro israel

              i dont consider myself a zionist, because i live in chutz l’aretz

      • walt kovacs

        uh, you do rejoice in how israel treats gays…thats pretty left

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