Umm Nidal: Ding Dong, The Witch Is Dead

Hamashole and terrorist matriarch Maryam Farhat, also known as Umm Nidal, has finally done something good in her life: dying.

Photo via

Photo via

Al Qassam website – Gaza – The MP in the Palestinian Legislative Council, Miriam Farahat, popularly known as Umm Nidal, died at dawn on Sunday (17/3), hours after entering the intensive care unit at Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza City.

Ashraf Al Qedra, the spokesman of the Ministry of Health in Gaza, confirmed the death of Umm Nidal in a brief statement on his “Face book” page.

Our correspondent in Gaza City said that Farahat will be buried along with her ​​three martyr sons in Al Shuhadaa (The Martyrs) eastern cemetery.

The medical sources had noted to the deterioration of the health of Farhat last night, and said that hundreds of citizens and supporters of Hamas and its leaders, led by Prime Minister in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh, and Vice President of the Legislative Council Ahmed Bahar, and a leading figure Mahmoud al-Zahar and others, gathered in Al Shifa Hospital.

The correspondent pointed out that Umm Nidal has returned yesterday from Egypt after a long medical trip, where doctors confirmed her affliction with severe cirrhosis of the liver, and inflammatory bowel disease.

True, she was apparently knocking on hell’s door after a heart attack almost 5 years ago, but I guess she had little use for her heart anyway.

Meanwhile, here’s this mother in action.

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  • JF

    Isn’t consumption of excess alcohol the leading cause of cirrhosis of the liver?


    • RK

      The “occupation” led her to drink heavily!

  • E Pluribus Beagle

    Countdown to blaming it on Zionist poison in 5…4…3…


  • moto_biker

    Why talking this way about a dead woman? This is childish and be sure when you will die someone will talk so bad about you! But anyways it shows how much this woman scares alot of you and I hope that there will be slot of them and send you back to your origin but dead in bags

    • Aussie Dave

      Is this you, Osama Bannout of Saudi Arabia?

      • cba

        Just wondering what the connection is between moto-whatsit and Osama Bannout?

        On another point, moto dude clearly doesn’t understand the difference between fear and disdain.

        • Aussie Dave

          Moto_biker’s email and IP address point towards him being Osama Bannout of Saudi Arabia

          • cba

            Thanks! I thought it had to be something you knew that I didn’t (of which there are many to chose from… )

    • Sunshine

      What is not said is she encouraged her sons to die to collect Hamas money. The more Jews they killed, the more she collected.

      Do you not know about the Hamas reward to families when their children die during terrorist attacks?

  • Sunshine

    Weird. I read she died from lung and kidney problems.

    Regardless, what is not said is she encouraged her sons to die to collect Hamas money. The more Jews they killed, the more she collected.

    Now she’s in islam’s hell which according to qur’an is filled with women…

  • Travis

    I am surprised hse did not demand to be treated at Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem or Siroka Medical Center in Beersheba. Anyway too bad Israel never assassinated her – she deserved to be vaporized.

  • E Pluribus Beagle

    right now she’s bent over a table in hell sexually servicing goats.

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