Young Woman Attacked By Feral ISM’er Speaks Out

Following my two posts on the feral female who attacked the young pro-Israel woman for chalking “The Jewish people/nation of Israel lives”, Lori Lowenthal Marcus of The Jewish Press has an interview with the young woman (named Channa) which is worth reading. It includes a statement from the violent “peace activist”, which mirrors what I posted here first.

Meanwhile, from 3:29 in the below video, Channa speaks about the events of that day.

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  • walt kovacs

    it is long past time for the adl and aipac to lobby members of congress to push the justice dept in once and for all to label the ism as a terror org

    noting that they are a hate group is not enough

    they must not be allowed to raise funds or organize within america

  • Aryeh

    The majority of comments for this video on YouTube are simply disgusting. One can see how goyim are anti-semitic. No wonder that most of those “anti-Zionist” organizations are Western.

    • Shirl in Oz

      Please desist from using words like goy and goyim.

      They are words way past their use by date and are racist and inflammatory

      • Aryeh

        Oh yes, “goy gadol” is a really racist and inflammatory term in Torah. Much more racist than “kike”, “zhid”, and so on, yeah.

        And which race exactly is goy?

        Who are you to lecture me which words I should use and which I shouldn’t?

      • walt kovacs

        so can i use skootz and skootzim?

  • E Pluribus Beagle

    There is only one way to deal with brownshirts. Only one way and Jews in the West better wise up to that fairly soon. You curb stomp brownshirts every time. They start something you come down on them like a pack of wolves and beat them in the street.

  • Womble

    “Non-violent protest movement” turns violent the moment it faces non-violent protest against itself.

    Says it all, doesn’t it?

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