President Obama Divides Jerusalem


Jerusalem is a divided city during this official Presidential visit.

Security photo, image of street closed Obama in Israel

There are the winners:

Those drivers who are the last to go through an intersection before it is closed.

security tape closing road image

And the losers:

Those people in the first car to be stopped who have to wait for an unknown amount of time.

Egged bus waiting for Obama motorcade

This was the first public bus stopped for President Obama’s motorcade.

Those passengers were losers if they had to get somewhere on time.

Real losers, as they should never have taken a bus in Jerusalem during Obama’s arrival.

image of student bus driver

And this student bus driver was a real winner.

Ramban street closed for security

He was having a driving lesson on Ramban Street which is normally overcrowded with traffic and clogged with buses, trucks and cars.

STreet in Jerusalem with no cars.

In honor of President Barak Obama’ s visit to Jerusalem, no cars were allowed to drive or even to be parked on Ramban Street.

A new set of winners: anyone wanting to shop at Rami Levi

Obama took a helicopter to Ramallah, but road #60 is still supposed to be closed while he is there.

Oh well, at least no one should get injured by rocks on the road today.

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