Hamas With The Two’fer: Antisemitism AND Racism


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Yeah, I realize, no surprises there. They are, after all, a bunch of murderous thugs. But in his recent speech, Obama seemed to suggest Hamas were capable of redemption.

In comparison, the PA continues to be more subtle.

map_up_closeAfter the UN vote in November 2012, the PA built a monument in a central square in Bethlehem called “The State Monument,” which shows the “State of Palestine.” However, the model of “Palestine” also includes all of Israel, thereby erasing it completely. The monument celebrates the UN vote on statehood as well as the first PLO/Fatah terror attack against Israel in 1965, which is seen as the beginning of the Palestinian “revolution” and Fatah’s anniversary date. The words on the map-shaped monument are:

Birth certificate of the State of Palestine – Nov. 29, 2012,
The outbreak of the glorious revolution – Jan. 1, 1965

It turned out that the monument was on President Obama’s route in Bethlehem, so in order to prevent him from seeing it, the PA had the monument removed before he arrived, the official PA daily reported. This, however, outraged the local Palestinians who witnessed its removal:

“In the city, there are those who not only welcome the visit of the American President, but are willing to go even further… Residents were surprised to find that a model of the map of Palestine engraved with details about the Nakba (“Catastrophe” i.e., Israel’s creation) and an olive tree were removed from the Al-Karkafa Square, to be replaced by a model of what was described as a peace dove. This enraged many people who gathered there.”

PMW has documented that the PA hides its ideology, activities and goals from the US and European donors, in order to get political support and funding. The temporary removal of the map-shaped monument, so Obama would not see it, is consistent with this deception policy. (See PMW’s book Deception for extensive documentation.)

In response to the popular anger that the PA daily had reported, the PA then tried to deceive its own people as to the reason for the removal of the monument. Two days after the first story appeared, the paper reported on a press conference held by the Bethlehem District Governor with the Mayor of Bethlehem, at which they claimed that the monument was removed in order to be “redone” and expanded. The fact that it was immediately before Obama’s visit was coincidental, according to the PA. In the words of the District Governor: “Everyone knows that Americans do not dictate any Palestinian decisions.”

The following are the two articles that appeared in the PA daily. The first describes the PA’s deception of Obama and the second describes the PA’s deception of its own people:

“Obama’s upcoming visit to Bethlehem weighs heavily on the City of the Nativity. Every day, reporters asked residents their opinion about the visit. Most of them expressed opposition to US policy regarding the Palestinian issue…
Activists laid a large picture of Obama on the ground at the intersection of Bab Al-Dir, not far from the Church of the Nativity. Cars drove over the picture and then it was burned.
It seems that in the city, there are those who not only welcome the visit of the American President, but are willing to go even further… Residents were surprised to find that a model of the map of Palestine engraved with details about the Nakba (“the catastrophe,” the Palestinian term for the establishment of the State of Israel) and an olive tree were removed from the Al-Karkafa Square, to be replaced by a model of what was described as a peace dove. This enraged many people who gathered there.”
[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, March 19, 2013]
“Bethlehem District Governor, Minister Abd Al-Fattah Hamail, and Mayor Vera Baboun, held a press conference yesterday [March 20] to clarify details of what happened to the State Monument and why it was removed… Hamail said that it has been decided to redo the monument at the Nisan Square, known as “Khaikhoun Square”, and place a monument symbolizing the Palestinian people’s pursuit of freedom and peace next to the State Monument, according to the proposal submitted by the artist Akram Nastas. He also noted that the map engraved on the monument is the map of Palestine, which represents national symbolism and is implanted in the hearts of all Palestinians. He added that it is forbidden to infringe on the patriotism of even one Palestinian, whether he is a senior official or not. Hamail denied that Americans had any connection to the subject (i.e., the removal of the map), and said: “Everyone knows that Americans do not dictate any Palestinian decisions, as the Americans fought until the last minute against the decision to appeal to the UN, and President Mahmoud Abbas rejected this intervention and achieved the UN resolution regarding the [Palestinian] state. This monument illustrates this policy, and no one can remove it, no matter what happens.”
[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, March 21, 2013]

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  • From the Kapodickie blog

    Oh Boo Hoo – Kapo Dickie whines about being the Victim of “Child Abuse”

    We have always believed that self-hating Jewish anti-Semites turn into such pathetic things because they think it is a nice way to get back at Mommy and Daddy. Their politics are based on their infantile resentment of their parents.

    Richard Silverstein, a.k.a. Little Dickie, is one of the best illustrations of this. While smearing everyone and anyone with whom he disagrees, from Alan Dershowitz to the heroic Rachel Neuwirth, he goes running about the internet whining that he himself is a “victim.” Of what? Of everything! Of “cyber bullying,” of being mocked, of being exposed, of being criticized.

    Dickie’s campaign of exhibitionism that tries to paint himself as “victim” extends to malicious internet attacks on his own parents. Silverstein has posted all over the internet complaints against his own parents in which he whines that they abused him. See this. Just how did they abuse him? He never quite spits it out but it appears that the “abuse” was in their occasionally disciplining him and telling him he can’t have or do something he wanted.

    Here is how he described his “abuse” by his parents : “I will focus mainly on psychological and emotional abuse because that is what I suffered…. I was not sexually molested by my parents. I was not physically neglected or deprived of food or shelter. Yet, the screaming rages, the hours of sullen, depressive isolation behind closed doors, the hard spankings and harsh discipline all left an indelible mark of Abel on me. The trauma is there forever, never to be exorcized.”

    Sounds to us a whole lot like he was being brutally forced to clean up the yard and shovel the snow. His parents laid a hand on his little candy behind. We love the Abel analogy!

    <<<< Oh the humanity! Now THERE is a reason to support Arab terrorists and seek Israel's destruction!

    We happen to think that a few whacks with a hickory switch to Dickie's bottom might have gone a far way to straightening him out. By the way, for the record, Silverstein debunks himself and reports that his parents did NOT abuse him at all HERE!

    He then adds: "Most of my life I did not consider myself abused. For the life of me, I can't figure out why." Maybe we can help. Because he was not abused!

    Dickie reports he asked a rabbi about his parents. Here is his report: "As such, in his (the rabbi's) view, the onus was on me to adapt to my parents stringent rules and behavioral demands. How wrong he was." Hmmm.

    Note in particular this quote by the Dickie:

    I was a victim of child abuse. I should say I am a victim of child abuse, since my early abuse continues to afflict me to this day. Strangely enough, while this trauma has had negative repercussions it has also had positive ones too. … But on the other hand, I have developed great empathy for the plight of the oppressed.
    By that he means Islamofascists, Palestinian suicide bombes, and Neonazis. we love where he adds in his piece: "According to the Talmud, we are forbidden from verbally abusing or degrading others." A fast look at Dickie's own blog will show to what extent he applied THAT piece of advice in his own life! Note that the false accusations of his own parents of child abuse are not the ONLY places where Dickie uses such things. Here he accuses Israeli settlers of child abuse en masse.

    Here are some other examples of the abuse that poor little Abel Silberstein suffered as a child, in his own words:

    – A 2nd grade teacher slapped me in the face because I threw a piece of lunch meat into the hair of a girl sitting next to me

    – A senior rabbi on the camp staff (and a distinguished Jewish educator) ejected me from the chadar ochel during a meal, proceeding to yell at me about my behavior. I had (unintentionally) forgotten to don my kipah during the meal. As I returned to my bunk alone with the rest of the camp behind me at the dining hall, I was humiliated, shamed, mortified. I thought about leaving camp, but then I would've been forced to abandon all the good friends I had made at camp…

    • sams

      Forgiving your parents is a key part of becoming an adult, that Dickie complaints about it now that a married old fart with kids shows that he is still a 9 year old.

    • cba

      an indelible mark of Abel
      How does that differ from a mark of Cain?

  • Jim from Iowa

    Zionism is racism?!!? How about Armed Struggle in the hands of Hamas is Racist and Anti-Semitic!

  • walt kovacs

    wasnt sadat a victim of racism for most of his life, because despite being an arab/egyptian and a devout muslim, he was dark skinned?

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