Cross-Dressing Kurds Have Their Way With Women’s Fashion


Al Arabiya reports:

dressIranian men from the country’s Kurdish community are championing women’s rights in a rather peculiar fashion, by dressing in women’s clothes.

The photos of the cross-dressed men are posted online via social networking websites in a bid to honor women, reported The Independent on Wednesday.

With more than 7,000 Facebook likes, the group, known as The Kurd Men for Equality, is making their message known.

More than 150 photos have been uploaded depicting men donning female garments such as traditional dresses, veils and scarves.

The campaign was launched following the closure of a high profile domestic abuse case in Iran.

A man accused of harming his wife was sentenced, by the prevailing judge, to walk the streets of a city in the north-western Marivan region of Iran, dressed in women’s clothes.

The punishment was deemed misogynistic by feminists in the country, according to The Independent. 17 Iranian MPs wrote to the justice ministry decrying the ruling

Nice idea, but I suggest these men wear less slutty dresses.

Wouldn’t want to cause an earthquake.

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