Jew Murdered By Palestinian Arab Terrorist

From Jewish Press:

At Tapuach junction (Samaria / Shomron), connecting traffic from Jerusalem, Ariel and Tel Aviv, an Arab  terrorist on Tuesday morning stabbed and killed an Israeli man (32), grabbed his gun and started shooting at the nearby IDF Border Police.

The victim was a resident of Yitzhar, and the father of 5 children.The IDF Border Police unit shot back hitting the terrorist in the leg. The terrorist was transported to Beilinson hospital.

The Jewish Press » » BREAKING: Palestinian Terrorist Murders Israeli in Shomron.

Update : It looks like the murdering terrorist was only recently released from prison. At some point are we going to hold accountable those who take these decisions?

Of course the lying, smear machine of the media is already picking up speed using all their dirty tricks: the murdered Jew was obviously a “settler” so he had it coming is the implication of the BBC headline already:

Israeli settler killed in West Bank - BBC News - Middle East

From the BBC Report:

Palestinians and Israeli troops have clashed recently in the West Bank, but attacks on settlers there are rare.

Just so you know as well, there have been 4 thwarted attacks at this very junction already this year!

According to Reuters news agency, nine Palestinians have been killed in various incidents with Israeli forces in the West Bank since the start of this year.

Ahhh so you’re trying to say it’s OK if a Jew dies this time because we’ve killed nine already this year?

And the terrorist wasn’t killed, he’s now receiving the finest medical care in the world in an Israeli hospital.

The settlements are considered illegal under international law, though Israel disputes this.

The French courts aren’t so sure.

They never stop trying to kill us.

Update: The murdered man is 32 year old Evyatar Borovsky, father of 5, from the Yitzhar community.

Update:  The terrorist belongs to “moderate” Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah.

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  • Real Jstreets

    Please check and update, could it be that this stabbing terrorist murderer was a “released prisoner”?

  • tom

    I would like to go to the hospital he’s staying at and choke him to death.
    Like this we would save more lives and lots of taxpayers hard earned money.

    • Brian of London

      1.7km or 23 minutes walk from where I’m sitting. Quicker if I took the car. I can smell the evil.

      • tom

        I usually don’t like to put up such “hate-comments”, but this is clearly a “shot-in-the-leg” as they say in Israel.
        The last defense minister, Barak, uplifted the checkpoint from where this murder came from, he was released from prison half a year ago… just so many fails.
        I think the death penalty for such inhumane beings is the only effective solution. Hey, you would even give them a faster ticket to the 72-Virgins-Club ;-)

      • anneinpt

        It’s even closer to where I’m sitting. Not more than a 20 minute walk from my house. I feel sick thinking that he’s getting the finest care that Israel can give while his victim is being buried.

        I sometimes feel we’re our own worst enemies.

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  • nnn

    “French courts aren’t so sure”? The recent decision was solely about transport infrastructure resp. the light rail in East Jerusalem as an expression of Article 43 of the Fourth Hague Conventions. It said nothing at all about the settlements, nor did it even touch upon the question of the occupation’s legality in the first place.

    • Norman B.

      It was about Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention. Try reading the entries here before drawing your conclusions.

      • nnn

        How about you read that Times of Israel article then, which cites Israeli legal scholars: “the court case says nothing fundamentally new about the legality of Israel’s occupation nor does it address the settlements”. The plaintiffs invoked 49, whereas the court rejected its application *to this case*.

        • Jim from Iowa

          Oooo, a reading comprehension flame war on IsraellyCool. It doesn’t get any better than that!

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