Ski Lift For Jerusalem?

skiing_2012_cable_carI’ve been thinking (and telling anyone who’d listen) for years that ski lifts would make great urban transport solutions. They move large numbers of people steadily and can be made to stop at various points. Along the way riders get great views. The more recent systems even look good from the ground. They can be electrically powered so the emissions can happen out of the city and they’re pretty quiet.

So the following report caught my eye and I really hope this system gets built!

Cable car to link Western Wall with rest of Jerusalem

Posted on May 1, 2013 by
( The city of Jerusalem is moving forward with a plan to build a cable car system that will bring visitors to and from the Western Wall.

One line will connect Dung Gate (the Old City gate closest to the Western Wall) with the Mount of Olives to the east, and a second line will connect Dung Gate with the Khan Theater on Hinnom Ridge to the west, Israel Hayom reported.

The system will be able to transport 6,000 passengers per hour. Each of the 1.6 kilometer routes will take around four minutes to traverse.

Jerusalem municipal officials said the cable car system will meet the needs of the growing millions of people who visit the Western Wall and the Old City each year.

“Beyond being a transportation solution, the cable car will also serve as a unique and innovative tourist attraction that will provide breathtaking views,” Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat said.

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  • walt kovacs

    ya…lets disnefy yerushalayim

    this will certainly bring mashiach

  • J

    I think this is wonderful. As a resident of Jerusalem who would love the visit the Kotel more often if it was easier to get to, this would be absolutely amazing. It’s very, very easy to get to the Khan Theater, and then to take a 4 minute ride straight to the Dung Gate? Awesome! I can’t wait.

  • Irit

    I hate to say this, as I think in some ways this would be an excellent thing, but I worry that it would make the passengers vulnerable to Arabs with firearms. Or sabotage on the wires.

  • Shirl in Oz

    I think that is the best idea I have heard in a while. Getting from the bus station to the Old City was a nightmare.
    Taxi drivers want to rip you off and do if you don’t know what you are doing.

    As for the light rail I couldn’t work out which direction I needed to go or even how to buy a ticket

    I would take much traffic off the streets too.

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