You Say Palestine I say Zionist Entity

Over the weekend search giant Google has taken the momentous decision of awarding statehood to the Palestinian version of it’s own page, The page at “” now says “Palestine” where previously it said “Palestinian territories”

People have made quite a big deal out of this with numerous main stream reports.

In an Israellycool exclusive, however, we can now reveal the next version of the page for Israel’s variant of  Google:

Google - Zionist Entity

[Do note: the name of the country seems to disappear when Google uses one of it’s customised google doodles to commemorate some special event.]

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  • walt kovacs

    google does nothing unless their is caishe attached

    so im trying to figure out which arab country handed them a sack of money to make the change

    • Aryeh

      They are just a couple of self-hating leftie Jews, like most of them over there in Amreeka.

  • Jim from Iowa

    Is Google the source authority on anything? It’s just a search engine, right? It does seem to enable companies to follow you around the internet with advertising directed at you based on your demonstrated interests, which is kind of creepy if you ask me. But I don’t think Google has the cache to assign legitimacy to any group of people. Not yet, anyway.

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