New Red Signs Make Me See Red


Israel and “red lines” have been discussed endlessly, but what have you heard about Israel’s new red signs?

On a drive through the Bik’aa, the Jordan Valley, on Route 90, the road on which Birthright trips do not travel,

photo new Coke Cola ad with Hebrew names

as it is well into the “West Bank,” it was amusing to see this new red sign.

Hebrew names on Coke Cola bottles photo

As you can see on this close-up, the new Coke Cola marketing gimmick is to put Hebrew names on the Coke bottles. Everyone seems to love to find their name, especially on a billboard in what looks like the middle of nowhere.

This is that contested “land” you hear so much about.

picture of sign Area "A' Palestinian Authority

Not far away is another red sign at the entrance to another road,

Red Sign warning Israelis not to enter.

with this close-up so you can clearly read that Israelis are “Forbidden” to enter as it is “Dangerous To Your Lives.”

So to protect Israelis from being murdered by our “peace partners,” Israelis by law cannot enter “Area A” or the roads leading to it.

This is not a new policy, but what is new is that these signs are now starting to appear in more locations.

So what made me see red?


Not so far away from that sign, this Arab family came to enjoy a picnic on the beach

Kinneret beach with Arab family

on the shores of the Kinneret, the Sea of Galilee, where Israeli Arab families can and do visit freely and safely.

Besides being dangerous now, repeatedly the Palestinian Authority has stated that NO Jews will be allowed to live in their state.

And yet Israel is called an Apartheid State!

Why isn’t this enough to make everyone see red?

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