New Red Signs Make Me See Red

Israel and “red lines” have been discussed endlessly, but what have you heard about Israel’s new red signs?

On a drive through the Bik’aa, the Jordan Valley, on Route 90, the road on which Birthright trips do not travel,

photo new Coke Cola ad with Hebrew names

as it is well into the “West Bank,” it was amusing to see this new red sign.

Hebrew names on Coke Cola bottles photo

As you can see on this close-up, the new Coke Cola marketing gimmick is to put Hebrew names on the Coke bottles. Everyone seems to love to find their name, especially on a billboard in what looks like the middle of nowhere.

This is that contested “land” you hear so much about.

picture of sign Area "A' Palestinian Authority

Not far away is another red sign at the entrance to another road,

Red Sign warning Israelis not to enter.

with this close-up so you can clearly read that Israelis are “Forbidden” to enter as it is “Dangerous To Your Lives.”

So to protect Israelis from being murdered by our “peace partners,” Israelis by law cannot enter “Area A” or the roads leading to it.

This is not a new policy, but what is new is that these signs are now starting to appear in more locations.

So what made me see red?


Not so far away from that sign, this Arab family came to enjoy a picnic on the beach

Kinneret beach with Arab family

on the shores of the Kinneret, the Sea of Galilee, where Israeli Arab families can and do visit freely and safely.

Besides being dangerous now, repeatedly the Palestinian Authority has stated that NO Jews will be allowed to live in their state.

And yet Israel is called an Apartheid State!

Why isn’t this enough to make everyone see red?

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I lived in the United States, Canada and Australia before moving to Israel in the midst of the Second Lebanon War. For the last seven years, walking the streets of Jerusalem, the scenes I saw every day did not resemble the ones familiar in the Western media. Now I try to share those positive images with the world, what is really happening in Jerusalem, Israel, The Real Jerusalem Streets

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  • http://I Dafna Yee

    I have been seeing red ever since Israeli leaders began to “negotiate” with the terrorists in the PLO along with that craziness of giving “land for peace”! Abbas is no more a “moderate” that could be a valid, reliable “peace partner” than he is going to sit at a Pesach Seder table with any Israeli; not even that traitor Olmert who almost begged Abbas to take from Israel’s land what he wanted, including part of Jerusalem!!

    I wrote a paper in 2004 about the parallels between terrorism and domestic violence and there are more than ten points where they are identical. One of the most important points is that the victim will stay in the relationship as long as she believes that she has the power to stop the perpetrator’s acts of violence (which ALWAYS increases if it is not stopped) by making changes and compromises in HER OWN ACTIONS! If you substitute Israel for the victim and terrorists/Palestinians for the perpetrator, you’ll see that is exactly as Israeli leaders are doing, over and over again. I don’t remember all the points offhand, but if anyone wants to read it, I’d be glad to supply a URL.

    • Sharon A

      I did not want to make this post too long, but Kerry was here again trying to get Israel to make more concessions.
      Your theory of parallels between terrorism and domestic violence is a very interesting one, now how do we get say the BBC to even utter the word “terrorism” yet alone agree.

      • http://I Dafna Yee

        I’m more worried about Netanyahu’s willingness to “negotiate” giving more land away, just like that traitor Olmert did, and wants to do again!!!

        • walt kovacs

          bibi is just having a laff at kerry’s expense

          kerry is a boob

          • http://I Dafna Yee

            Netanyahu froze building in Judea/Samaria to make the Chinese and Abbas happy after promising not to do that many times, both before and during his campaign! He also continues to speak of that terrorist posing as a “moderate,” Abbas, as a partner in the so-called “peace process” that doesn’t exist! In addition, he frequently speaks of the “two-state solution” which is an oxymoron and a farce and claims that Israel is willing to give up even more land to the Arabs who call themselves “palestinians” but they have have no claim to either the “west bank” (which got its name from Jordan when Jordan conquered it in 1948 and then occupied it until 1967!) or any part of Jerusalem!!! Those are just a few of the reasons that I don’t believe that Netanyahu is just playing with Kerry and why I think he is so dangerous!

            • Real Jstreets

              Need a rise in blood pressure, skip the coffee and read this Only one phrase sums up the problem, Palestinians want all of West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem! EU calls for Israel to meet commitments, I have never see a call for other side to abide by any commitments.. please if I am wrong, let me know where and when PA has given an iota of movement toward compromise? Gee I would settle for even lip service.. in Arabic though.

        • Jewess

          Bibi appointing Tzipi Livni to lead the peace negotiations indicates that Bibi has no intention of giving anything away.

          • http://I Dafna Yee

            I STRONGLY disagree!! The appointment of Livni to head the non-existent “peace negotiations” with Israel’s non-existent “peace partner” Abbas (who is nothing more than a terrorist in “moderate’s” clothing) is PROOF that Netanyahu is willing to give away more land in exchange for a piece of paper, empty promises, and a well-televised handshake!!

            The entire PA is nothing more than a dressed-up group of terrorists (aren’t you aware that Abbas was hand-picked by Arafat to head the PLO?) who have done nothing but incite hatred for Israel and all Jews since the day that they were created with the triple-damned Oslo Accords!!

            The PA does not want peace…unless that means there is no more more Israel and the entire country is turned into “Palestine” which is forbidden to all Jews!!!

            • Real Jstreets

              Waiting to see what Peres comes up with next in Jordan, when PA has said it wants it all or nothing (again). Negotiations in Hebrew means give and take, we give and they take.

              • http://I Dafna Yee

                Real Jstreets, you are right. From what I gather, Peres (who I trust even less than Netanyahu!) is going to push for the “two-state solution” (which is nothing but an oxymoron and a farce!) again. Only this time, he’ll be talking about Israel’s “obligations” (which is the Arabs’ new word for “conditions”!) instead. You can tell just what the Arabs really think about the “two-state solution” just by looking at their map which shows only “Palestine” covering ALL of Israel!!

  • Judge Dan

    You forgot one of the most important red lines, the upper and lower red line level of the Kinneret.

    • Sharon A

      Judge Dan
      About that red line, I was at the Kinneret for Swim4Sadna, 300 women and girls ages 9-78 years old, swam across to raise money for charity. (I got to go in a boat and watch and take photos). If you want I am happy to share photos that show just how much higher the water level is than last year.

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