RIP Better Place


I’m sure Brian of London will have lots to say about the news of Better Place’s demise, but I just wanted to offer him my sympathy with this heartfelt message. (ITM)

Better place heaven

Disclaimer: there is ABSOLUTELY no schadenfreude intended in this post, its just a cheap attempt at humour. For the record, I thoroughly enjoyed every moment I have spent in your Renault Fluence ZE, including the 4 battery switches we needed to get down to Eilat (and 5 to get back) and the white knuckle experience of pulling into Dimona at 11pm with 0% on the charge meter (and 2 tired kids in the back). The prospect that such experiences will no longer be possible is quite devastating. Not to mention the fact that I will need to pay for petrol next time we take a road trip to Eilat.

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