Hysterical Haaretz Headline of the Day


Ha’aretz has long been little more than the Palestinian (and all other haters of Israel) Ministry of Propaganda. It competes with PressTV and Russia Today for the most inflammatory, anti-Israel “news” stories. And here’s a wonderful example from today:

Israel’s West Bank settlements grew by twice the size of New York’s Central Park in 2012

Twice the size of New York’s Central Park!!!! 7372 dunams!!! Why, thats….. let me see…… 1.3% of the total land in “Settler” hands! 0.12% of the total West Bank – excuse me, Judea Samaria! Oh the humanity!!!

Anyone who has been to New York can tell you that Central Park ain’t all that big. Its a small part of Manhattan, which itself ain’t all that big.

Here’s a map of the Central Park in New York (hint, its that little green part in the middle):

Central Park

Now here’s a map comparing the New York area with the West Bank Judea Samaria in the same scale

7000 Dunams

Of course, the Twitterverse laps this kind of thing up. Here’s a sample of the gleeful tweeting of damaging anti Israel propaganda that ensued.

Update: Our own Judge Dan just pointed out to me one of the side effects of “Israel Derangement Tweeting” (I might Trade Mark that) is the propensity to exaggerate. Here is the tweet by Jessica Montell, Executive Director of Betselem.

For those of you not good at math or at least unfamiliar with the metric system, Dan points out the error in the tweet, and Jessica is forced to correct herself:


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