Antisemitic Moron Of The Day

Meet Patrick Mercer, a British member of parliament under fire in a corruption scandal, who was caught on hidden camera revealing his antisemitism.

Judging by Mercer’s gargantuan nostrils, I’d say sticking a rifle up his nose wouldn’t be all that difficult.

Tory MP race row

The sad thing is, antisemitism is so rife in England, that it is the “bloody” Jews attracting scorn, and not the “bloody” Islamic fundamentalists.


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  • George

    The news has mentioned NOTHING about the anti-Semitic remarks despite the Mercer affair being covered at length this week! Bloody hell – are Jews not worth caring about?

  • E Pluribus Beagle

    There’s what? 180,000 Jews left in Britain? Of that half of them will never leave no matter what. So we’re really talking about making accommodations for 90,000 people total. Logistically a fraction of the Soviet Jews who came to Israel. That works out to no more than 600/week for 3 years when the time comes, which will be soon.

    • Jim from Iowa

      You might want to start them out with driving lessons.

    • Norman B.

      I thought the number was closer to 400,000. Yes, make plans, and also make plans for France’s Jews too.

  • Shirl in Oz

    Being an ex-pat brit I can assure you that antisemitism has always been rife, not only in England but in the whole of the UK.

    Here’s the whole sordid history. Read – enjoy. If you can call it enjoy, but you will learn something.It is interesting. Even back in the 2nd century CE we were discriminated against

    Coming from the shtetl of the East End of London, I was never confronted by it. My husband who comes from the Midlands, was regularly physically attacked as a child for being Jewish. One of my sisters-in-law lives in the north of England has never admitted to being Jewish, she is terrified. So much so her children were never aware of the fact they are Jewish. This is now one of the most densely populated areas of Pakistani Muslims, who are more antisemitic than the original inhabitants.

  • Inessa

    If an attractive young woman with hair in plaits, cool jewellery, open toe sandals, who could blow this dick’s head off if she was so inclined, is what a bloody Jew looks like, I’d say we should stop being so sensitive and getting insulted.

  • uncle joe mccarthy

    mercer is a conservative

    galloway is a leftist

    hope the jews in england are paying attention

    get out now while you still can

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  • Elijah

    Mercer’s idiocy and fascist-antisemite reactions can be seen easily but why should we stick a damn rifle on his nose. I mean, what difference we’d have from him if we had done that.