More History Revisionism By CNN


How much stupidity in one paragraph:

U.N. spokeswoman Josephine Guerrero said Filipino and Indian peacekeepers will remain in the region to enforce the peace deal between Israel and Syria reached in 1974, nearly seven years after Israel first captured Quneitra in the Six-Day War. Syria retook it in 1973.

What peace deal? It was at best a ceasefire, Syria has on occasion ignored. One must look only 8 years later and the open war between Israel and Syria in the skies over Lebanon.

As for the last proclamation, that’s complete and utter BS. The Syrian war effort in the Golan was stopped dead in its tracks after some 36 hours of fighting, with Quneitra being one of the areas that some of the fiercest holding battles were fought – and won . On the 2nd day, Israel was already on the offensive, which lead to an all out Israeli advance inside Syria by the 4th day. When the 1st ceasefire was brokered on October 22nd, Israeli tanks were shelling the outskirts of Damascus, the Hermon was recaptured, and history was made.

1973_Yom_Kippur_War_-_Golan_heights_theater (1)

Then came CNN…

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