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Mr. De Niro in Israel

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Having been brainwashed at a young age, Jono moved to Occupied Palestine 20+ years ago from Australia. After 15 years selling insipid Jew technology to immoral, BDS snubbing foreigners he decided the ultimate evil would be to sell the cancerous Zionist Regime as a product itself. He now works selling luxury private tours of the heinous Zionazi hellhole to infidel supporters of Apartheid, colonialism and Western Imperialism.

DE niro in Israel cleaned

A reminder of their lies:

deniro-bullshit poster


UPDATE: People. its not a real quote. I made it up. Its a joke. But the picture (and the fact he’s here) speaks for itself.

One incoming link

Robert DeNiro isn’t buying the ‘anti-Israeli apartheid’ crap from his pals on the left
16 July 2014 at 10:07pm
[…] IsraellyCool Obviously, this should put to rest the slanderous rumor the Left ...

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