Hamas Boasts Of Executing Two Collaborators. On Twitter

They really are getting too comfortable on social media.

I wonder if the two victims were gullible enough to turn themselves in.

If spreading hatred for Israel and Jews is not enough to get them banned, I would have thought boasting of murdering some of their own people – including a photo – might be enough

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Facebook Comments

  • Travis

    Who knows if they were even “collaborators”.

    • Norman B.

      Sometimes, the execution of a “collaborator” is needed to encourage the others.

  • Dafna Yee

    It is a disgrace that Facebook continues to allow the Hamas page to remain up; nothing but hate related posts are ever found there. And if the two men were “collaborators” with Israel, I hope they rest in peace.

  • Dafna Yee

    Sorry, I meant Twitter, not Facebook in this instance. However, what I said about Facebook still holds true.

  • Paul

    Some serious questions should be asked of Twitter and their policies on banning people.

    Silly people who insult others in Western countries should be banned, yet an organisation that is widely considered a terrorist organisation is allowed to post pictorial evidence gloating at murdering people and it’s allowed to stay up?!

    It’s sick.

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