Al Jazeera Seethes At Lack of Realism Of Zombie Movie


..not because of the undead, but because it is pro-Israel!

The recently released zombie apocalypse film World War Z has received widespread attention — much of it in the form of 140-character reviews on Twitter.
In the movie, an Israeli intelligence officer explains that his country built a barrier to keep zombies out. Many online drew parallels between the fictitious barrier and the separation wall that Israel built in the West Bank, which was declared illegal by the International Court of Justice.
Rania Khalek tweets: “In World War Z, Israel’s apartheid wall apparently helps keep out a massive horde of zombies.”

Some criticised what they saw as the movie’s attempt to justify current Israeli policies in the Palestinian territories:
Other critics poked fun at Israel’s embrace of the Palestinian population in the movie:

Israellycool‘s Judge Dan says it well (and is quoted in the Al Jizz article for his trouble):

Update: Here is an anti-Israel zombie movie, just for balance.

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