Alice Walker’s Freudian Slip

In an interview with TimeOut Chicago, author and reptile afficionado Alice Walker answers a question regarding her BDSholing:

In terms of wanting artists to boycott Israel, oftentimes the counterargument is that arts can bridge the divide where there’s political strife. In your opinion, is this a case that calls for more drastic measures?

Yes, we’ve tried everything, and everything has universally failed us on this issue. Artists have a responsibility to speak and to act when governments fail, and if we don’t do that, we really deserve the world we get. I was very happy when Stevie Wonder declined singing for the JDL [Jewish Defense League]. But it’s really about your own spirit and your own soul and what you do with yourself. I love my own culture. I love my African-American culture very deeply, and I know it deserves to be honored. You have to be aware that people are suffering unjustly, and given our own history—in remembrance of our struggle, which isn’t over—we have a duty to stand for the people who are being treated like our parents and grandparents and children were treated.

Stevie Wonder declined singing for Friends of the IDF, not the Jewish Defense League, which is considered a terrorist group by some including the FBI. The JDL has nothing to do with the IDF.

My guess is Walker is not knowingly lying – it is too easy to refute her claim – but perhaps by conflating the Jewish Defense League with Israel’s national army, she is revealing that to her, Jews are synonymous with Israel.

Perhaps this is yet another indication that her opposition to Israel stems more from a loathing of Jews than anything else.

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  • DcdocmloffenMloffenmloffen

    reptile aficionado doesn’t begin to do her bizarre belief in extraterrestrial 12-toed reptiles passing as human and walking amongst us justice. Surely you or one of this blog’s readers could come up with some pithy encapsulation of her and her antisemitic fantasies.

    And it is your “guess” that “to her, Jews and Israel are synonymous”?! What doubt can there be about this and that she is an antisemite, given what she has said she learned about the nature of Jews from her Jewish ex-husband.

    • Jim from Iowa

      My reading of Aussie Dave’s language is that it is a purposeful use of understatement to make the point he’s making. I really don’t think he’s having any doubt about Ms. Walker’s attitude toward the Jews.

    • Aussie Dave

      What is amazing to me is instead of acknowledging what a good find this is, you still find a way to criticize the post.

  • E Pluribus Beagle

    But what about all the GOOD things slavery did, Alice?

  • Dafna Yee

    Personally, I think that any article which quotes Alice Walker’s prejudiced remarks is only giving her more of a platform with which to spread her filth.

  • John Oliver Mason

    I am also a writer, and I USED to have great respect for Alice Walker, as a writer and as a human rights advocate. You can disagree with someone on some things and respect them. But she’s making her statements based on lies and a negative attitude towwards Jews, so what can we do? I would challenge her to GO to Israel, with a camrea crew, and SHOW everyone of examples of Israel being a racist apartheid state.

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