Israeli Parking Masterclass – Douchebag Israeli Ferrari 9102773

It’s not just that he’s illegally occupying two spots in the Mamilla Mall in Jerusalem.

He’s occupying two of only twelve charging spots for electric cars (like mine) in the whole of the car park.

Douchebag Israeli Parking Ferrari 9102773

Obviously owning a Ferrari in Israel gives the owner the right to act like a complete douchebag.

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  • Jim from Iowa

    It is a sad reality that even those who have shown a concern for the environment can be douchebags, too. The owner of this Farari is the worst, by far-i.

  • Irit

    Not just in Israel.

  • Jono Rose

    SHOCKA!!! A Ferrari owner is an arsehole!!! Come on, I’d be disappointed if he didn’t act like this. I don’t want an excuse to LIKE someone who can justify (financially and douchebagally) buying one of these things. (Yes, I am just jealous).

  • Aryeh

    Smash it. It should give him a lesson.

  • cba

    Shame it didn’t get towed.

  • JF

    When I lived in a village in England, I used to see a fancy sports car with the personalized plate PRK 1.

    He drove like 1 PRK, too.

  • Lloyd S.

    That’s the sort of behavior that gets cars keyed – maybe some nice long scratches with a note explaining why would do it.

  • Gerald

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