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On Thursday, July 4th, 30 North American soldiers and officers celebrated American Independence Day together with over 150 IDF lone soldiers who made Aliyah from the United States with the assistance of Nefesh B’Nefesh, FIDF, the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption and Tzofim Garin Tzabar. These organizations maintain their relationship with the soldiers throughout their military service and provide them with personal and financial support.

The celebration took place at Gordon Beach in Tel Aviv honoring the classic American traditions, including a BBQ, beer, American music and much red, white and blue.

Players from the Judean Rebels of the Israeli Football League, also founded by immigrants from the United States, joined the party as well. There are over 600 amateur and professional football players in Israel, who meet every week in different locations throughout the country to play and enjoy the game they learned back home. The vast majority of the players are immigrants who came to Israel from North America through Nefesh B’Nefesh and the Jewish Agency For Israel.

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  • Jim from Iowa

    There is a deep and abiding friendship between the peoples of our two countries. Long may it live.

  • Aryeh

    I don’t get why Israelis should celebrate the independence of a foreign country.

    • Norman B.

      Because for one thing, Israel owes its existence to hundreds of American volunteers who turned the tide of battle during the War of Independence. I am an American who celebrates Israel’s independence, so it is only fitting.

      • Aryeh

        Israel owes its own existence to the Jewish people alone. The Jews made their ancient dream come true despite the objections of filthy judeophobes around the world.

        American volunteers did not come on behalf of the USA. They came here mostly as part of the great Jewish people, while at the same time USA sent arms to our Arab enemies — exactly what it has been doing since then and to this day.

        Excuse me, but I really can’t see the point of celebrating the rise of a nation that has always been a great source of trouble for Israel.

        • Jim from Iowa

          One is the loneliest number you could ever do, Aryeh. But I’m pretty sure you’re part of a very small minority of Israelis who not only do not value friendship between Israel and America but are quite hostile to it. Going it alone in the world would make life harder for Israelis, not easier.

          • Aryeh

            There is no friendship between America and Israel. America is sucking the blood out of Israel.

            You talk as if America was the only “friend” of Israel in the world. No, America began this parasitic “friendship” only after Israel has won several wars. Yes, without any help from it and despite its huge efforts to make Israel lay its arms down.

            America is always on the “right” side — that is, on the side of the stronger. This was the case with the First and the Second world wars, and this is the case with the Arab-Israeli conflict.

            Isn’t it suspicious that Israel has never won a war after America began this “friendship”? Isn’t it suspicious that only after America became an “ally” of Israel, the so-called “Palestinians” started to demand a state of their own?

            If America is a friend of Israel, as you call it, why then the Israeli citizens have to obtain an American visa in order to enter it, and in order to accomplish this, they have to undergo such unnecessarily humiliating treatment as described by the American embassy itself here? Note that Israel doesn’t require tourist or business visas from Americans.

            America is not the only power in the world. And it’s better be alone indeed than to have such “friends”. Because with such friends one doesn’t need to have enemies at all.

            • Jim from Iowa

              Ok, Aryeh. Have a nice life. We’re probably done with each other here.

  • Norman B.

    It may be a few days late, but here is some appropriate music for the occasion, written by a Jew of course.

  • Jewess

    Great photo. How wonderful to see the blue and white with the red, white and blue. Just like me. A proud, American Jewess.

  • ududy

    American Independence Day celebrates much more than the independence of a single country. It is a day in tribute of our shared values – the freedom of the individual and recognition of his/her potential to pioneer and lead in science, culture and industry.

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