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How Israelis spell the name of Ke$ha (hat tip: Elie)


For the record, that is Ke₪ha with the Israeli New Shekel symbol (₪)* instead of the Dollar sign.


Brian of London adds: this wasn’t really worth it’s own post but a couple of weeks ago, during the 2013 Wimbledon Tennis Championships, the Israeli TV guide seemed to have developed a touch of prescience:

Place your bets for Wimbeldon 2014

* not to be confused with this

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  • Moses kestenbaum ODA

    Am yisroel chai long live Israel , down with the Arabs, the nazis and Hungarian majors

    • bloomingburg NY under illegal SATMAR occupation Moses Kestenbaum the sue happy racebater threatening innocent and concerned bloomingburg citizens is arrested in Israel for vile hit and run of Yeshiva student.This is quote from ODA ex employee,,”The ODA in Williamsburg Brooklyn NY is a goverment funded org. Yet the entire Kestenbaum Family is on the payroll for millions every year. The ODA is one big scam of taxpayers dollars that made the Kestenbaum family very rich over the years. Its a shame how our tax dollars is being stolen by crooks and swindlers , The ODA window program, small business SBA, Health and food funds, its a huge kick back scam. Moses & Louis Kestenbaum belong in jail”

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