New Israel i24 News Is Live

And I’ve got it playing and it seems pretty good so far. Check it out online.

i24 News Screenshot

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I24 News Thinks It’s 1993 | Israellycool
13 August 2013 at 5:08pm
[…] they new Israeli global 24 hours news network, is off to an amusing ...

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  • Dafna Yee

    I just checked out the news site. The audio-visual part was pretty good; I especially liked the chance to look inside various artists’ homes. But, when I went to the written news and checked on “Israel,” I was very disappointed to get nothing on the EU’s directive but the Ha’aretz version which is almost entirely false. If I wanted to read the Ha’aretz version of events, which I don’t, I’d go directly to the source. As it is, I think I will not bother using this site again.

  • Jewess

    The newscasters need to stop referring to Judea and Samaria as the Occupied Territories. Viewers will mistake them for Europeans.

    • Dafna Yee

      I agree but it is not only newscasters that need to stop using the false terms. Everyone, up to and especially including Netanyahu, need to stop using those words straight out of the Arab Propaganda dictionary. Every time someone, especially an Israeli in a position of power and exposure, uses terms like: “settler,” “settlements,” “outposts,” “occupied,” “occupation” and “Palestine” (as if it already exists or that its existence is inevitable). that person strikes a blow against Israel.

  • Ben Soller

    How can I see Israel News 24 on TV.
    Which TV Station

  • Yosef

    Perhaps we should give constuctive advice to help the new station fine tune the terms they use to discribe issues in Israel and around the world to get the truth out rather than critisize their efforts to broadcast real news. I propose that we become part of the solution and not continue to be appart of the problem. HaShem help us.

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