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Every time you read of another person deciding to be an idiot protest Israeli technology, always look for the small print that tells you the big picture. Such is the case when the Guardian’s resident moron strays out of her jurisdiction, and post a local news item that deals with Israel.

Water company replaces Israeli-made meter from woman’s home after she objected to ‘repression of Palestine’

A water company has replaced an Israeli-built meter in the home of a customer who objected to the ‘repression of Palestine’.
Caroline and Edmond O’Reilly asked Southern Water to replace the device because the manufacturers, Arad Technologies, are accused of ‘profiteering’ in the West Bank.
The company has now agreed to install a second-hand appliance built by a different manufacturer.
Pro-Palestinian campaigners claim the decision paves the thousands of other customers to object to the meters on ethical grounds.

She goes on to explain what 40 years of British brainwashing looks like:

Mrs O’Reilly said her objection was based on the Israeli Government’s alleged incursions on to Palestinian land and Arad’s connections with the government.

She said: ‘Since 2000 the Israelis have systematically destroyed the Palestinian water supply infrastructure and Arad supplies the Israeli government.

‘Should we turn a blind eye, we collude in supporting a system that is systematically discriminating against people who are powerless against a state that seems to be attempting to drive Palestinians out of Palestine.’

This is how brainwashed people look like
This is what brainwashed people look like

But fails to see the big picture:

The Israeli company secured a £36 million contract with Southern Water in February 2010 to provide meters, meter reading services and data hosting services across Hampshire, Surrey, Kent and Sussex.

I’m betting she’s going to throw out all her Intel run computers and stop using the Internet, right? Heck no, but she is probably going to pay more due to bad water meters.

As one of the largest water and wastewater companies in England, Southern Water needed to develop long-term plans to ensure it could continue to supply high quality drinking water to more than one million households in the South of England, one of the driest areas in the UK.
Implementing an effective way to measure water consumption, detect leakage and encourage customer water savings is an integral part of Southern Water’s strategic goals to secure cost effective water resources in the long-term.
With the implementation of Arad’s Gladiator water meters, integrated with Arad’s Dialog 3G system, Southern Water’s customers are gaining control over their water use and their bills. The meters will allow Southern Water to remotely read the individual water consumption and send an accurate bill to each household, according to their actual consumption. In addition, thanks to Arad’s advanced water meter features, Southern Water can improve its leakage detection, thus saving significant amounts of water and energy.
The company’s operational effectiveness will be significantly improved by implementing the programme and the level of customer service, a key factor for Southern Water, will be increased.

h/t Harriet Sherwood. Yup, she deserves this.

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