Roger Waters Son: Six Degrees Of (Antisemitic) Bacon?


harry waters bandWhile researching who is Roger Waters’ Jewish daughter-in-law after reading his latest post, I stumbled on this interesting fact about his son Harry Waters, also a musician.

The bass player in the Harry Waters band is someone called Yarron Stavi, an Israeli. So no boycotting of Israelis at least.


Stavi plays with Gilad Atzmon’s Orient House Ensemble and we all know Atzmon is an antisemite and hater of Israel.

Incidentally – but not surprisingly – Atzmon has come to the defense of Roger Waters:

One can assume Stavi shares some of Atzmon’s views, given he has played with Atzmon at performances, such as this:

Shocked, we prepare for the climax: an animated image of the march of ethnic cleansing across the map of Palestine. As the map steadily turns pink, Arab Palestine transforms itself into Jewish Israel, accompanied all the time by flashing pinpoints of light – each of the seventy known massacres making its own special contribution to turning Palestine into Israel. And for a soundtrack, jazz musicians Gilad Atzmon and Yaron Stavi step onstage to improvise an agonised Wain A Ramallah – that happy-clappy song used first at a family party, then to drown out the sounds of an execution and finally now to accompany the Palestinian people in their long journey into exile.

Coincidence, or the apple not falling far from the tree?

Either way, it opens the possibility of Roger Waters and Atzmon being friends or very acquainted with each other.

Perhaps Atzmon is one of the “Jewish friends” Waters invokes in his defense of charges of antisemitism.

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