Exclusive: Photo Of Bar Refaeli Used By Roger Waters

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Yesterday, I was the first to report about Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli’s swipe against the anti-Israel (and arguably antisemitic) musician Roger Waters.*

If you recall, Bar suggested Waters take down the photo of her he has used at his shows, a photo she noticed during one of his concerts in France a few years ago.

After scouring hours of video footage on Youtube, I am proud to say I located the photo of Bar co-opted by Roger Waters for his concerts.

Bar Refaeli exclusive israellycool Roger Waters concert

Don’t thank me, I’m a giver.**

* The story was picked up by everyone from major news outlets to small blogs  – who for the most part did not attribute the scoop to us – but that can be the subject of another post.

** This post is not recommended for the satire impaired

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