Swan Song For One Of Our Spies

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it probably is not our Zionist Swan of Death.TM


An illustrative photo of a Zionist swan

In a case that’s ruffling feathers in Egypt, authorities have detained a swan that a citizen suspected of being a spy.

Officials said a man brought the suspected winged infiltrator to a police station Friday in the Qena governorate, some 450 kilometers southeast of Cairo. According to the officials, the man suspected the bird was an undercover agent because it carried an electronic device.

The head of security in Qena said Saturday that officials examined the bird and the device. Mohammed Kamal said the device was neither an explosive nor a spying device. It was likely a wildlife tracker.

With turmoil gripping Egypt, authorities and citizens remain suspicious of anything foreign. Earlier this year, a security guard filed a police report after capturing a pigeon he said carried microfilm.

Update: Ok, I admit it. It was a stork, not a swan.


Part of our disinformation campaign.

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  • Jim_from_Iowa

    Swans can be nasty. Ever try to pet one?

    • juvanya

      Ah good I was hoping youd comment here. I saw Shy Guy posted on A7 and thought you might want to see.


      • Jim_from_Iowa

        Geez, I wonder what Shy Guy said to have been censored by the Israeli Supreme Court. Can this be for real or is it some kind of inside joke that I’m not catching onto?

  • Bubbe

    Swan???? I thought it was just a plain ol’ spy duck. Huramph! Since when did we get so ‘classical’? LOL

  • asb

    It appears the perfidious fowl is a master of disguise. One article called it a duck, another a swan, yet another a stork… The rootless cosmopolitans are crafty, but the brave Egyptian people will not be fooled!

    Seriously, though, poor birdie :(

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