Is Harry Styles Jewish?


One Direction singer Harry Styles seems to be a proud Jew. At least, according to his tweets.

You may recall he tweeted this before Passover.

There’s also this tweet recently made by his friend Ben Winston.

Followed by other photos of Styles wearing his kippa.

harry styles kippa
Photo: 1DMofosUpdates via Twitter.

Now he’s done it again before Yom Kippur.

So what’s the deal? Jew or not Jew?

Not Jew, according to his father.

I have no reason to disbelieve Harry’s own father that he is not Jewish.

So why, Harry? Why?

It seems that Harry just likes us.

Harry Styles, member of the global pop phenomenon known as One Direction, “loves the Jewish community and wearing a Magen David,” friend of the band, director Ben Winston, told the UK’s Jewish Online News in a recent interview.

According to Winston, who is Jewish, Styles “always has [the Magen David] round his neck and had it on show at the recent Teen Choice Awards.”

Winston, who recently directed a film that documents the globe-trotting life of the group, said, “All the boys love Judaism. They are fascinated by it and they enjoy the family atmosphere. Over the years they have become part of our family really and are interested in what we do.”

The influence extends to locations used for video shoots, Winston explained. For a recent video the band shot in an old synagogue in Miami’s South Beach.

“We shot the video in an old shul in Miami, which is now a museum space called The Temple,” Winston said about the space, which had previously been converted into a large apartment, unlike many of the old synagogues of South Beach, which are now nightclubs.

And let’s face it. You would have to really, really like us to not only tweet greetings before Jewish festivals and wear a kippa, but also fast for 25 hours.

Harry Styles might not be Jewish, but he sounds like a mensch.

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