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highlighted BBC Yom Kippur war was pre-emptive clip-10213-ykBBC Watch has an excellent post about yet another vile piece of Jew hating crap on the BBC’s “learning zone”.

Apparently, unbeknownst to almost every military historian ever, the Yom Kippur war started when Egypt and Syria both detected a super secret Israeli plan to pre-emptively strike both these huge countries and drive tanks to Cairo and Damascus. Israel was obviously planning to do this the day after Yom Kippur because most of it’s army was either at home or in synagogue.

OK BBC. PONY UP. What secret evidence do YOU have indicating Israel was about to march to Cairo or Damascus in 1973 on their most religious holiday while 80% of the army was at home or in synagogue? Go ahead, we’re waiting.

As any non Jew hating person with even a modicum of historical knowledge (obviously that rules out the editors of the BBC Website) knows, the only Israeli thing pre-emptive about the 1973 Yom Kippur war was the action Golda Meir did NOT take. She did not order an air strike against obviously dangerous build ups of Egyptian and Syrian armour. It turns out this would have probably failed because of the vastly improved air defences these nations had (from the Soviets) since their abysmal air performance in 1967.

And lets not go into the fact the unbiased sources the BBC uses are Robert Fisk and Noam Chomsky. Oy vey.

Hey BBC…..


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  • Rotem

    BBC = Biased Broadcasting Coropration

  • Ash

    Wait how is that Jew hating? It says nothing libelous about Judaism

    • Shai

      Covert anti-Semitism. Easily detected when one is willing to knowingly lie about the Jewish state, while never knowingly lying about non-Jewish states.

    • Aryeh

      Yeah, they do all this crap out of enormous love for the Jewish nation.

  • E Pluribus Beagle

    What I don’t understand is that with the most insanely repressive and backwards libel laws in the history of the planet why the BBC and everyone who works there isn’t viciously sued into an early grave.

    • Irit

      Because the way British “justice” works these days the judge would never rule in favor of Israel or Jews. A British judge recently ruled that it was ok to trash a business because it did business with Israel.

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