Blog’s Got A Brand New Hairdo

It’s the elephant in the room, if you will.

You may have noticed things are looking a little different in these parts since yesterday.

Yep, the site has undergone plastic surgery.

I would like to think it is more like this:

scarlett johansson

Than this:

But I understand things can take getting used to. Plus there are still a few kinks to iron out.

Besides the overall look and feel, we have added a Separated At Birth scrolling box at the bottom of the homepage. And there may be more cool new features to follow.

It’s all part of the plan for world domination to help the blog grow and reach an even larger audience.

We believe we are the best pro-Israel blog on the planet. We are now aiming for the universe.

As you know, I like to get your opinion on such matters (I am a benevolent dictator, after all).

Do you prefer this new theme over the old one?

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If you also have some ideas for things you would like to see – whether new features, content or writers – please leave your suggestions in the comments.

About Aussie Dave

An Aussie immigrant to Israel, Aussie Dave is founder and managing editor of Israellycool, one of the world's most popular pro-Israel blogs (and the one you are currently reading) He is a happy family man, and a lover of steak, Australian sports and girlie drinks

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  • harry

    The font of the body text is way too small at 13px. Make it bigger!

    • Aussie Dave

      What font do you recommend?

  • Jim_from_Iowa

    Harry, above, is wise beyond his years. The print is way too small for me. Have I mentioned I’m 61 years old?!!?

    I would like to see more video of Australian Rules Football. Specifically, I would like to see one of the players score the winning points (goal or touchdown or whatever they call it), and then the whole team burst into wild celebration with lots of jumping around and hugging each other and ripping each others’ shirts off. Something like that.

    • Aussie Dave

      I bet you would

  • Harry

    The font is fine, it’s the size that is the problem. Make it 15px or 16px. I can help if need be.

    • Aussie Dave

      I changed it to 15. How does it look now?

      • harry

        Readable. Thanks, I design websites. I know what I’m talking about. Next thing we need to talk about it your header…. ;)

        • Aussie Dave

          I’m all ears, but be gentle. Jono designed the banner.

  • anneinpt

    I don’t see any problem with the font or the size, either now or before. It all looks great! Perhaps it’s the resolution of their computer screens?

    I like this new hairdo very much. Nice and sleek and loads fast. It certainly resembles your “fig. 1″ above rather than “fig 2″ – which almost made me choke! :-)

    I also like the more unobtrusive advertising and that there’s no ad-bar at the bottom. I checked it out on my iPhone too and it’s all working great.

    Kol hakavod!

    • Aussie Dave

      Thanks for your comments, Anne

  • cba

    Definite improvement (especially once I figured out where the Previous and Next links had moved to!)

    חג שמח

  • Travis

    I prefer the old way.

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